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A girl named Alexa was bullied at school and her parents want Amazon to change the name of the voice assistant

Amazon has landed in a new soup because of its voice assistant, Alexa.

Monday, 5th July 2021

Thanks to its voice assistant Alexa, Amazon has introduced a new soup. Obviously, there are no security vulnerabilities, and no vulnerabilities have been found on the Alexarun device, but it is the name itself that has caused problems for Amazon. Several girls with the same name as Amazon's voice assistant Alexa were mercilessly bullied at school. So much so that some of them even consider changing schools. Parents now hope that Amazon will consider renaming their voice assistant.


According to the BBC report, the parents of a girl named Alexa reported that their daughter was being mercilessly bullied at school because they had the same name as Amazon's virtual assistant. Now they expect Amazon to change the trigger word to a non-human name. When Amazon announced its voice assistant service in 2014, the name became increasingly popular. All Echo devices will respond to commands that begin with "Alexa." This has affected people with the same name as Alexa.


The BBC reported that people would say Alexa's name out loud and then give orders. A father told the publication that his daughter named Alexa was abused and bullied at school as soon as she entered high school.


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"Because of jokes and strong opposition, he didn't want to show up at first. She was and is still a child, but adults think it's okay to joke with her. This is devastating. The school did not help her and told her that she needed to strengthen her resilience, "Heather (renamed) told the BBC. She said the whole incident had a major impact on her daughter's mental health. After that, they decided to change legally her name. Heather said her daughter is doing better now. "We have broken ties with friends and transferred her to a new school to start over. Injustice will never abandon her or us. Amazon must change the default activation word on their devices. Obviously, there is not enough ethical research on the use of Alexa. Heather added. The report shows that there are over 4,000 people in the UK called Alexa. Most of them are under 25 years old.


Amazon said in response to the recent controversy that its voice assistant is designed to reflect the quality of the people they value. "We are sorry for the experience you shared, and we want to make it clear: any form of harassment is unacceptable, and we condemn it in the strongest terms," Amazon said in a statement.


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