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Active Covid Cases and Infections drop in Delhi to the lowest figures of the year

Delhi witnesses record drop in the number of covid cases…learn more…

Monday, 5th July 2021

94 new cases of covid-19 were recorded in Delhi and 7 more demises from Covid on this Sunday. The case positivity rate in the country capital was recorded at 0.13% as per the stats obtained from the department of health. A bulletin from the department stated that the total number of active covid cases in Delhi fell to 992. As per the info and related stats provided by, the number of active covid cases on this Sunday was actually the lowest since the 10th of April the previous year when the number of active cases stood at 862 cases.


14, 34,554 COVID cases were recorded in Delhi since the beginning of the covid pandemic in the previous year. So far, more than 14.08 lakh covid infected patients have returned to normalcy, stated the bulletin.

The death toll has been recorded at 24,995, the bulletin said.

On this Saturday, the capital city had recorded 86 covid-19 cases and the positivity rate recorded was 0.11%. Five covid-triggered deaths too were recorded. On this Friday there were 59 cases of covid in the city, the lowest figures so far this year and just 2 deaths on this Monday.

As per the stats from, the city of Delhi had witnessed 17 covid cases on the 15th of April the previous year.

The bulletin further stated that nearly 75,133 tests, including about 52,856 RT-PCR anti-covid tests, were carried out the day before.

Delhi experienced the pandemic’s ghastly second wave that took numerous lives each day. The drastic increase in the total number of covid cases resulted in a dearth of medical oxygen and other supplies at the varied city hospitals.

On April 20th, the city of Delhi had recorded as many as 28,395 new covid cases. On the 22nd of April, the covid case positivity rate in the city had been 36.2%, the highest figure so far. On May 3rd, 448 deaths were recorded.

There are nearly 300 people in the city staying under home isolation while the containment zone numbers stand at about 701, stated the bulletin.

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