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The inspirational story of Reena Nagar, a businesswoman as strong as her tractor

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Monday, 5th July 2021

 As part of this effort, we are bringing together another passionate businesswoman, Reena Nagar. Reena Nagar is a successful businesswoman from India. Reena Nagar, a village girl who has fought through hardships.

Today, a lady is the pride of the family and the village. Learn more about her inspirational journey for our growing community! Read the inspirational story of Reena Nagar, a woman strong as a tractor and proud of her family and village. Girls are boys, not girls. Reena Nagar proved this. After her father's death, Reena was not shocked but completed her father's work and courageously stood up. Today, Reena Nagar from Bhopal not only takes care of the farm work but also gives her full attention to her family.

Reena Nagar lives in the village of Bhauri Bakanis. The story of their struggle began 7 years ago. Reena is studying computer science, but suddenly there is a crisis in the family. Her deceased father was a farm worker. When Reena saw that the responsibility of a mother, 3 siblings had fallen on her head, Reena did not break with it but grew stronger.

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 After the death of her father Jamna Prasad, the villagers used to say that farming and agribusiness was not for girls, but she disagreed. Reena decides to take over the farm equipment business from her father. Agribusiness initially had a few peculiarities. But she not only learned to cultivate, but also worked as a plow, sewer and harvester while driving a tractor.

According to Reena, she reconnected the former workers to the contact number in the father's address book and received their help. Sodar Bai, Reena's mother says that my daughter not only continues her father's agribusiness with her firm intentions, but also teaches her younger siblings farming skills.

Reena says she won't get married until after her brothers get married. His brother Virendra also helps him with his farm equipment business. His sisters and brothers learn farming so they too can stand up in the future and strengthen their families. Today, Reena owns 7 acres of her own, and she cultivates 7 acres of someone else's land. She paid off her father's loan of Rs 30 lakh. She diligently purchased agricultural equipment, including combine machines. She shakes the mother's hand.

She teaches her siblings. Not only that, in addition to farm work, Reena also works part-time, as it gives the family financial strength. Salutes Reena Nagar for being a true hero and inspiring others to be content with excellence! We hope you find Reena Nagar's inspirational story helpful and inspirational throughout your entrepreneurial journey and keep you motivated.

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