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Iron Man Robert Downey Jr unfollows all Marvel co-stars including Chris Evans, Tom Holland: 'Conclusion of an important time period'

Robert Downey Jr played Iron Man in the MCU for over ten years…get full details…

Monday, 5th July 2021

Chris Evans who played Captain America and Spider-Man entertainer Tom Holland. Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr caused a lot of frenzy among fans when he unfollowed all his kindred Marvel stars on Instagram.

Fans are in much pain and are resolved to know the purpose for this activity and regardless of whether he had a line with them. Nonetheless, this probably won't be the situation as the entertainer is following definitely 43 records, and there aren't any entertainers on that rundown.

Downey, who assumed the part of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for longer than 10 years, hasn't unfollowed anybody on his Twitter account yet. Passing by his past posts, Robert Downey Jr imparts a dear companionship to his Marvel companions, specifically Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, and Spider-Man entertainer Tom Holland. All things considered, fans are somewhat stressed. One fan stated, "Might somebody want to disclose to me WHY rdj has chosen to unfollow all the wonder projected on instagram? Another tweeted, "For what reason did RDJ unfollow each MCU cast on Instagram, this is so disturbing.

 One fan felt that it was the 'conclusion of a significant time period'. "I wasn't prepared for RDJ to unfollow the whole cast, it resembles the conclusion of a significant time period. Robert Downey Jr's last trip in the MCU was in Avengers: Endgame, when his person Tony Stark forfeited himself to save the universe.

However fans have cried numerous tears over this and expectation that he makes a re-visitation of the MCU, yet RDJ gives off an impression of being quite evident that he will not be returning at any point in the near future.

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