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Why is White Bread harmful for your health

Health complications resulting from daily intake of white bread

Monday, 5th July 2021

Bread is a breakfast staple in almost all households across the country and globe. It makes one of the most popular and preferred meal choices for the morning as it is versatile, convenient, and tasty too. But, when you are looking for something nutritious for breakfast, not all bread types are actually the same. Supermarkets are well stocked up with a number of bread types processed using varied techniques and ingredients. Among all types, the one that’s consumed most extensively is White Bread. White bread can push you to indulge in various mouth-watering options like croissants, sandwiches, or pastry. However, when you make white bread a part of your everyday diet, you may fall prey to several health-related issues. Read more:


Various chemicals like potassium bromate, chlorine dioxide, and benzoyl peroxide are used to bleach the wheat flour while making white bread.  Even refined starch is used in the preparation. However, all of these chemicals are used in very small quantities and therefore they aren’t risky for your health.


The calorie count in all bread types is nearly the same. The key difference rests majorly in the bread’s nutrient content. A white bread slice consists of 77 calories but is pretty high in its glycemic index. As white bread is a highly processed version its nutrient content is significantly low. Some of the dangers of regular intake of white bread are listed below…


White bread can cause sudden blood sugar spikes

The high glycemic index of white bread causes it to release sugar speedily into the blood. This causes the sugar levels to rise in blood worsening the diabetic conditions and leading to diabetes-related complications.


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White bread can trigger mood swings

White bread can lead to mood de-stabilization. As per a report from the American journal of clinical nutrition, women above 50 years of age can experience mood fluctuations due to white bread consumption. Even depression and fatigue are common if you consume white bread daily.


White bread can lead to weight gain                                                                             

Refined carbs in white bread lead to sugar level spikes. Excessive amounts of unused sugar in the blood get stored as fat in your body causing your weight to increase. Sugar level spikes can also cause sugar cravings and result in sabotaging your goals related to weight loss.


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