Delhi sees 94 Corona infection

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94 Covid infections are reported in Delhi, with active cases falling to 992, the lowest number so far this year.

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Tuesday, 6th July 2021

According to data released by the health department, Delhi saw 94 new COVID-19 cases and seven more deaths on Sunday, with a positive rate of 0.13 percent.

The number of active cases in the city has reduced to 992, according to the health department's report. According to the website covid19India. The number of active cases on Sunday was the lowest since April 10 last year, when there were 862 cases, according to org, a crowdsourced project that collects data on COVID-19 and immunization in India.

Since the epidemic began last year, the national capital has seen 14,34,554 COVID-19 cases. According to the statement, nearly 14.08 lakh patients have recovered thus far.

According to the report, 24,995 people have died as a result of the disaster.

On Saturday, 86 cases with a positive rate of 0.11 percent and five deaths were reported in Delhi. On Friday, 93 cases were reported in the city, with a 0.13 percent positive rate and two deaths. On Monday, the city reported 59 COVID-19 cases, the fewest this year, as well as two deaths.

According to, on April 15 of previous year, Delhi had 17 cases.

The previous day, 75,133 tests were performed, including 52,856 RT-PCR assays, according to the bulletin.

A violent second wave of the pandemic hit Delhi, claiming a substantial number of lives on a regular basis. The significant increase in the number of victims resulted in a medical oxygen shortage at several local hospitals.

The city had reported a total of 28,395 cases as of April 20. The case positive rate was 36.2 percent on April 22, the highest so far. The biggest number of deaths, 448, occurred on May 3.

According to the bulletin, 300 people are in home isolation in Delhi, with 701 people in containment zones.


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