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How Steven coped with depression and rediscovered his magic.

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Tuesday, 6th July 2021

"Give your pressure wings and let it fly". ——Terri Guillemets


Life has difficult moments that everyone must go through. The end of 2020 is not a good thing for anyone, especially for college students. Steven Rathod, 24, shared his story of how to overcome anxiety and improve university efficiency during the COVID19 pandemic. Steven is studying for an MBA from Elite IIM Bangalore.


 MBA as a course has its own pressure, and all courses are conducted online, it is more difficult for students to stay focused and complete their deliverables. Due to COVID, the course work was crowded with people in a short period of time.

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In the first year, IIMB students also have summer internship opportunities, which is absolutely new for most students. They usually seek guidance from their teachers or seniors. Now that everything is online, they find it difficult to do this. Unfortunately, during this period, he also experienced personal losses because he lost a very close person. This made him indifferent and he was later diagnosed with depression. "I want to be in a better state of mind. At that moment I knew I had to help out. You want to feel better and more efficient, and you don't want to ruin your career.


While receiving psychiatric consultation, she contacted clinical psychologist Dr. Preethi Krishnan through Dr. Preethi helps him with physical and mental exercises. She taught him muscle relaxation techniques and helped him reduce physical and mental stress. Muscle relaxation not only helps to reduce stress, but also helps to reduce the physical pain caused by it, and helps people perform better in daily activities. These muscle relaxation techniques help Steven focus on himself better.


Dr. Preethi asked you to keep a journal to record your thoughts and your daily life. This helps you understand your thinking types and thought patterns. At first I had a hard time finding time to do these exercises, but in the end I was able to do them every day. No one can see change overnight.


 Although Steven found it difficult to do these exercises every day, he did not give up. In the end, his tireless efforts paid off. Now Steven spends some time to himself every day, he will record what he has to do. This helps you better focus on each of your tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Keeping a journal also helped him overcome negative thoughts and he was better able to cope with the blockage. On our journey, it is difficult to find someone other than parents to guide and help us. Steven attributed most of his progress to.



Dr. Preethi. She made him feel comfortable in the course and never forced him to do any techniques that he was uncomfortable with. Most importantly, Steven thanked her for her support and understanding of her depression. These techniques also helped relieve her depression. During all the meetings, she was very patient with him. People should eliminate this negative concept of mental illness and normal illness. He encouraged everyone to seek help when needed. You don't want anyone to feel embarrassed about being in contact with experts. It is like consulting a doctor for a small physical problem. The consultant will listen to you without prejudice there.


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