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Taking aspirin can reduce cancer by 20%: Study.

Aspirin can beat cancer…get full details…

Tuesday, 6th July 2021

A study shows that cancer patients start taking aspirin as part of their treatment, which can help reduce their risk of death by 20%. Also read Coronavirus in India: What do we know about the possible third wave? Will more children be affected? Explain Cardiff University’s scholars have conducted a systematic review of 118 published observational studies on 18 different cancer patients.

Read that babies in the UK are "turning to stone" Due to the rare health condition of ESTA, continue reading They are combined As a result, it was found that out of a total of nearly 2.50,000 cancer patients, they reported taking aspirin, which was associated with a nearly 20% reduction in cancer deaths. Please also read How to choose the best health insurance company? Meaning and prompt interpretation The comment stated that the existing evidence on its effectiveness and safety "proves its use" as an add-on treatment for many cancers, and patients should be informed of this.

Their comments were published in the open access journal ecancermedicalscience. "In recent years, my research team and I have been surprised by the effects of aspirin on cancer-related biological mechanisms, which seem to be the same in many different cancers," said lead author and university professor Peter Elwood. “In general, we found that at any time after cancer diagnosis, the survival rate of patients taking aspirin increased by nearly 20% compared to patients not taking aspirin,” he added. The research team also considered the risk of aspirin.

 A small number of patients had bleeding, but according to the review, there was no evidence that patients who took aspirin died due to excessive bleeding. "Our research shows that aspirin not only helps reduce the risk of death, it has also been shown to reduce the spread of cancer in the body, the so-called metastatic spread," Elwood added. The research team said there is now a lot of evidence that cancer patients taking aspirin have a significant reduction in mortality, and this benefit appears not to be limited to one or a few cancers.

 "Therefore, aspirin as an adjunctive treatment for cancer seems worthy of serious consideration, and cancer patients and their carriers should be informed of the existing evidence," Elwood added. "However, we must also emphasize that aspirin is not a possible substitute for any other treatment," he noted.

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