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Japan is likely to arrange the inauguration ceremony of Olympics without the spectators, says report

Olympics with just a few VIPs but no spectators…learn more…

Tuesday, 6th July 2021

The government of Japan is making arrangements to hold the inauguration ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics with just a few VIP Spectators, reported the Asahi Newspaper on this Tuesday, prior to the discussion with International Olympic Committee and various other game organizers this week.

Events at the various large Olympic venues as well as the night events post 9 p.m. too would be conducted without spectators, while the total numbers of VIP spectators such as the guests of sponsors and the diplomats to come to the inauguration would sharply be reduced from a prior estimate of nearly 10, 000, stated the paper, citing several unidentified governmental sources.

The Olympic Games that were delayed already by almost a year are now scheduled to commence on 23rd of July in spite of the concern that huge crowds gathering from across the globe during the games could trigger another deadly round of the covid infections.

The Olympics of Japan were once promoted as an extravagant show intended to present Japan most gloriously before the world but now the games seem to be at the danger of majorly out of the public view as Japan isn’t allowing in foreign tourists because of the pandemic.

Organisers of the Games have already prohibited the entry of overseas spectators to the show and have fixed a limit on the domestic games spectators at about 50% of the net capacity; i.e. up to about 10,000 people. Medical personnel have declared that hosting the Olympics without any spectator would actually be one of the least “least risky” options.

The government of Japan is likely to take decision on this Thursday as to whether to extend a quasi-emergency in the capital city of Tokyo and also in the nearby 3 prefectures far beyond the original closing date of 11th July, informed the government sources- a step that required a rethought on the spectators of the Games as well.



That matter is likely to be decided at the five-way talks expected to be held on this Thursday and that which would include the Governor of Tokyo and the IOC President, Thomas Bach, who is to arrive in Japan on the same day.                                                                      

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga has remarked that holding the Olympic Games without the spectators might be a "possibility".


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