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Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka is one of the best and the most popular cities in the country. Also, the places in the vicinity of Bengaluru are some of the most amazing places for a pretty great holiday. Located in Southern India, the city offers you access to some of the most wonderful weekend getaways, and you can get to access those destinations by means of a road trip. Road trips are indeed a fun option and if you are traveling by car or two-wheeler which you yourself own, then they perhaps make the safest travel option. The state of Karnataka itself comes with some pretty stunning locations in general. If you are in Bengaluru and are looking for some best road trip options, read below to learn more:



Coorg is a legendary tourist destination and is simply gorgeous in terms of its beauty. From Bengaluru, Coorg is just a 5 hrs drive away. The hill station is known for its mesmerizing views. For nature lovers, the hill station makes a blissful weekend getaway. Hikers, birdwatchers, and trekkers can have a fun time at Coorg. Coffee plantations of Coorg are world reputed. So, don’t miss sampling a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Coorg. Furthermore, Coorg offers a plethora of options to spend the night in a dreamy way.


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This place is a charming Western Ghat beauty. Within just 4 hrs you can reach Chikmagalur from Bengaluru. The place has some amazing coffee estates. Chikmagalur’s highest peak, Mullayangiri offers fascinating views and great trekking options for avid trekkers.



Stepping out of Karnataka, head to Tamil Nadu to pay a visit to the ‘Blue Mountains’ or the Nilgiri Hills…nestled in the lap of the Nilgiris, the idyllic hill station of Ooty is a real crowd-puller and a weekend road trip to Ooty from Bengaluru would simply be fulfilling. The hill station is known for its beautiful lakes and sparkling waterfalls. British style bungalows dot the hill station adding an old-world charm to it. Boating is one of the most fascinating activities you could indulge in at Ooty. Ooty can be reached in slightly more than 6 hrs by means of road journey.


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