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Why the Airtel Xstream Fiber is Your Best Bet When you Want to Log in Multiple Devices to the WiFi

Advantages of Airtel Xstream Fiber.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021

With the world shifting its modus operandi having been hit by a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, the reliance on high-speed and more efficient wifi connection has increased manyfold. Increased usage has led people, some of whom had no need for wifi devices at home earlier, to get new connections or update their existing plans as it has multiple uses now such as logging in to office Zoom calls, children’s online classes, watching movies, etc. If all of these are to be done simultaneously with enough bandwidth for a seamless internet experience, it is possibly time you gave the new Airtel Xstream Fiber a shot.


Benefits of the Airtel Xstream Fiber

1. High-speed wifi plans

It offers a wide range of plans including regular use to high speed-anything from a basic plan to one with a 1 Gbps speed. So if you are an individual looking at downloading large files or gaming options or one in a family with multiple needs of the internet, with Airtel’s high-speed plans you get an industry-first router that can deliver the whole bandwidth wirelessly in a larger area.


2. Exclusive benefits

These include an advanced router, Airtel Xstream App, Wynk Music, and other OTT subscriptions, unlimited STD and local calls on the landline, etc. With certain plans, you can also get Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, and Prime subscriptions.


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3. Unlimited data plans

In any Airtel wifi plan you get unlimited data without any capping and to top it all, uniform speed and connectivity through the entire billing cycle. 


4. 24x7 Customer support

Round-the-clock customer support will ensure you will never have to experience slow internet speed or no wifi connection. The Airtel Thanks app is easy to use and you can drop a complaint here in case of any network issue.


5. Secure Internet

Multiple levels of security are offered by Airtel and you get not only filtered undesired content but also protection of connected devices from viruses and malware. Besides this, you get Virus Protection, Child Safe, Study Mode, Work Mode, etc based on your needs.


6. Smart routers

Airtel routers have an auto-troubleshooting feature that detects and mostly fixes any issue. In case manual intervention is necessary, it is indicated with the help of LED lights on it.


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