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What is the Link Between Covid-19 and Bone Death

Can covid-19 trigger bone death? Learn more

Wednesday, 7th July 2021

As the second wave of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic recedes, it leaves behind rising concerns of a number of post-COVID complications, the most recent being bone death.

While Mucormycosis (black fungus), new diabetes, blood clots, heart, respiratory and pulmonary complications and debilitating long COVID care cases were already notable causes of concern, doctors and health experts are now faced with a new challenge - Avascular Necrosis (AVN) which is commonly being referred to as bone death.

A few cases of AVN have been brought to the notice of doctors in Mumbai, among patients who have recovered from coronavirus and although experts are still pondering the matter, it is believed that this post-COVID complication may be a serious cause of concern.

How did AVN get detected in post COVID cases?

A recovered Covid-19 patient Dr Manish Khobragade was one among the first known cases to exhibit symptoms of AVN that started as a minor joint pain and later exacerbated into excruciating pain so much so that he had difficulty even standing.

What is bone death?

Avascular Necrosis results from a loss of blood supply to the bone, usually the hip bone as seen in recent cases although it could happen to any bone in the body. This disruption in blood supply lead to necrosis or dying and collapsing of bone tissues.

The early stages of the disease are mostly free of any symptom but it can cause severe pain if weight is put on the affected joint or a person participates in frequent physical activities. It can turn into a serious condition that culminates in the destruction of joints.

Identifying Bone death

According to doctors, the best method to diagnose is with the help of an MRI, as regular X-Rays may not do the job. The condition can be treated if detected early. However, if treatment is delayed, AVN tends to get intensified and it may not be then possible to bring it under control.

Steroids and AVN

Researchers from across the globe are of the opinion that AVN can transpire from the administration of certain doses of steroids. Although doctors do not proscribe its usage completely, they state that it leads to higher chances of AVN of the hip.

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