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Mr. Chaturvedi’s Tale of Coronavirus Infection: We took to Ayurveda to heal ourselves

How confidence, positivity and Ayurveda helped Mr. Chaturvedi and his family beat covid

Thursday, 8th July 2021

The family of K. K Chaturvedi along with Mr. Chaturvedi himself contracted Covid-19 infection at the second wave’s peak. With the unavailability of hospital beds, Chaturvedi and his family resorted to Ayurvedic medicines for treating the symptoms. On Day 15, the family got a respite from Covid. Read their story below…


On the 3rd of May 2021, the wife of Mr. Chaturvedi, aged 57, contracted coronavirus as it had been the peak pandemic times and several infections were reported in their neighboring areas. On the 6th of May, 2021, Mr. K.K Chaturvedi (aged 61 years) became covid positive and on the 8th of May, his elder daughter who was 29 years old got infected with coronavirus, and later his son aged 25 yrs and his younger daughter aged 22 years got infected too.


Although the Chaturvedi's had confined themselves within the house for months due to the pandemic they still could not avoid falling prey to the deadly virus. However, they did not panic once they got infected. They just opted for alternative treatment methods like Yoga and Ayurveda and on Day 15 after getting infected they could finally beat the virus.


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For the first 5-6 days after having had the infection they abstained from taking paracetamol or any other such fever-reducing medicines as they did not want to disturb their body’s natural power of immunity. Their fever too did not soar beyond 101 degrees centigrade. Instead of Western medicine they picked the Coronil kit and made sure to consume one Swasari in the morning and one Coronil in the evening. They also used few drops of the Anu tailam in their nostrils.


For a couple of days, the corona-infected Chaturvedi family also relied on Giloy Ghanvati and Tulsi Ghanvati. For fever management, they relied on Sudershan vati. For headache management they used the Divya Dhara; an amazing liquid one can take a whiff from or rub on the forehead and head. For getting relief from sore throat and cough, they took a chewing tablet called Kanthamrut. For getting relief from acidity they took mulathi churna. Also, they took Chavanprash for its cold preventative and immunity-boosting powers. Regular steam inhalation was a part of their self-treatment process.


For about 14 days at a stretch, the family suffered from fever, severe headache, total lack of appetite, and diarrhea. They tried to make healthy food and drink options like green veggies, pomegranate, apple, coconut water, and even chapatti.


Mrs. Chaturvedi’s oxygen saturation level fell to 86-88 for a couple of days but the family did not panic about that. They tried the proning method to increase the saturation level to 90-92. Even the saturation level for Mr. Chaturvedi came down to 90 for a couple of days. But, he too didn’t fret. He just did pranayama though it was pretty difficult then.


In the context of their story of infection and how confidence and positivity helped them, Mr. K.K Chaturvedi said," Confidence and togetherness of family helped us to remain positive and our immune system worked effectively. One has to be very strong mentally to face the situation and the strong bond of the family does help to remain positive and facilitate the immune system to respond strongly. Listening to bhajans also helped in diverting attention as negative news and bad news of known people may shake confidence but to restore confidence, one should not rush into hospital unless there is seriousness as at that time even beds were not available in any good hospital." 


Later, while talking about their recovery he said, "On 15th day i.e. 18th May 2021, my wife recovered losing 3-4 kgs weight and I recovered on 21st May 2021 when in the morning I felt like eating paratha and I had it in breakfast then things started becoming normal and it took another 15 days to overcome weakness and regain the weight." 


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