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Weight loss products that do not really bring about weight loss

Weight loss products that fall short of their claims

Monday, 12th July 2021

Weight loss does not come easy. Despite this fact we come across several fad diets, weight loss pills being sold in huge numbers in the market and these products usually make tall claims of burning down fat and yielding speedy results for you. Though it's true that some of these products do contain weight-bashing ingredients promising to help you in your journey, it isn’t wise to trust these products blindly. If you commit the blunder of trusting these products blindly you may experience more harm than good. For instance, not every weight loss supplement that claims to be ‘herbal’ or organic, may prove to be beneficial for you. These products may not help you in reaching your weight loss goals. Having said that we have tried to list out some very popular and so-called weight loss inductive foods that do not actually give you results and may even destroy your body with time…Read on:


Fat burners

Many of the fat burners come with a very dangerous ingredient referred to as usnic acid. Though Usnic Acid may bring about drastic weight loss it may cause severe damage to the liver in the long run. The composition of many fat burners may consist of ingredients such as chitosan, chromium, carnitine, and guar gum that result in gut-related issues. Thus, before opting for any sort of fat-burning pill, you must check its composition in the first place.


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Meal replacement juices/shakes

You must remember that many of these shakes come with artificial flavors, sweeteners, and highly processed ingredients as well as protein isolates. Such products may therefore cause harm to your kidney and may even have an adverse impact on your liver functions. Moreover, they do not bring about uniform and positive weight loss. Furthermore, added sugars in these shakes or juices may make you diabetic and hypertensive.


Weight loss pills

Usually, these pills come with threatening compounds such as fenfluramine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine. Those harmful compounds may trigger blood pressure spikes as they play a role in activating the CNS or Central Nervous System in order to suppress the appetite. This may actually elevate your blood pressure levels and affect your heart.


Green coffee

Green coffee comes with compounds such as Yohimbe and caffeine. These compounds may lead to a heavy head and excessive anxiety. Also, too much caffeine intake may result in heart-related issues.


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