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Solar storms are heading towards land, which can affect cell phones and GPS signals

Solar storm and how it will affect the Earth. Know more…

Monday, 12th July 2021

New Delhi: According to a report by, a stream of highly charged particles from the sun or solar wind rushing towards the earth is expected to arrive sometime between Sunday and Monday (July 11-12). Space meteorologists warn that this stream of highly charged particles may cause a small solar storm in the Earth’s magnetosphere (a region of space dominated by the Earth’s magnetic field) and may affect cell phone and GPS signals.


"When the wind flows to the earth, it carries the sun's magnetic field. It moves very fast and directly hits the earth's magnetic field. This shock will impact our magnetic shield and cause turbulence." Nicky Fox NASA Sun The director of the physical science department told


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The solar wind is a stream of charged particles or plasma, ejected from the sun into space. The "high speed" current is the result of a hole in the solar atmosphere, which blows a solar wind in the direction of the Earth. Although NASA estimates that the average speed of these winds can reach up to 1 million miles per hour, the speed can be even faster. These space weather events can disrupt satellite operations, affect radio communications, and even cause power outages. warned in a post on its official website: “The high-speed solar wind stream is expected to hit the earth's magnetic field. From the equatorial hole in the solar atmosphere, the wind speed may exceed 500 km/s. A complete geomagnetic storm is unlikely to occur, but slight geomagnetic interference may cause aurora in high latitudes."


In addition, people living in northern or southern latitudes can see the fascinating sky or aurora at night.


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