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Surfing hotspots of India…get the details

Monday, 12th July 2021

Surfing is a water sport associated with mounting on or riding on the breaking waves moving towards the shore through the use of a board. The popularity of surfing in India is gradually increasing. The vast coastline of the country and its wave-lashed shores gift the country with some outstanding surfing hotspots. Some of those are listed below:


Maravanthe, Karnataka

Maravanthe is a quaint little beach town and in this town, you’ll get to surf about 10, 000 peaks beaches. The location falls in the vicinity of Mangalore Airport. However, you won’t find any surf school here.



The beautiful Pondicherry beach is indeed a major attraction and surfing is a major water sport here. There are many surf schools and clubs here. So, beginners can have a great time here. This is one of the adventure hotspots of the country.


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Kapu, Karnataka

This is about 1kms long beach and it comes with several low tide zones. It’s fun to surf at Kapu. The beach comes with a lighthouse. The beach remains open for visitors between 4 pm-6 pm each day. The beach is located at a distance of 400kms away from the capital city of Bengaluru.


Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala beach is ideal for surfing and is located in the state of Kerala. The beach is dotted with huge cliffs and that makes it a beach paradise of the country. Many surf schools are there at Varkala to offer you the needed guidance. Relaxing at the beach is also a unique experience.


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