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Tuesday, 13th July 2021

The royal family is the land of lifestyle. The color represents the empty land. The celebration of the borderless land together marked the beginning of the party.

 Welcome to Rajasthan, the "Cultural Capital of India"! As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, the "Land of the Maharaja" is one of the places where the richest colors and culture are displayed. From clothing to people’s eating habits, from religious celebrations to social gatherings, Rajasthan still adheres to its diverse traditions and rich culture. Let us embark on the journey of this imperial land and understand why it is affectionately called the "Cultural Capital of India"; let us understand the cultural aspects of Rajasthan!

 The history of Rajasthan is as long as the history of the Indus Valley and the Harapa civilization. The earliest traces of human settlement found in the Brahmavatra, Mehranagrh and Rewari regions are estimated to be more than 5,000 years old. Further evidence found across the state clearly shows that this part of the country was initially suppressed by various tribal groups. Among these tribes, Bhils, Minas, Lohars, Garasias and Sahariyas dominate.

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 Before the Rajputana clan settled in Rajasthan, the tribal area was finally conquered and ruled by Arjunia, Kushan, and several others. However, today, Rajput culture and traditions are mainly followed, and some areas of the state still follow their tribal races and customs.

 As a blend of faith, practice and diversity, Rajasthan presents a vibrant cultural display. Life in this desert land is a traditional way of life. Be it architecture, clothing, food, local dialects, arts and crafts, or its fairs and festivals, when you travel to this state, you will always find a unique charm and numerous celebrations.

 Today, Rajasthan has developed like other Indian states. However, unlike them, this beautiful country has experienced all its cultural aspects and did not hesitate to show them to the outside world. Let us learn more about the culture of Rajasthan and understand more vividly how life flourishes in this desert land of India.

 Bright colors, intricate designs, mirrors and silver jewelry or other jewelry are the most important elements of Rajasthani clothing. Whether male or female, everyone likes to decorate themselves in the most colorful way, while drawing on their traditions and cultural values. The

 language is Hindi as the most widely used language, and a mix of local essence can always be found in Rajasthan. Each region has its own dialect; As you walk around the entire desert capital of India, you may also come across new words or scripts of the language. Although language is a diverse aspect, you will always find that all forms and dialects are equally soothing to your ears.

 Music has always been an integral part of Rajasthani culture. The historical evidence found in Jeonju clearly shows its affinity and tendency towards folk music and dance. In the past, it was dominated by tribal groups, and tribal or folk music played an important role in the culture of Rajasthan.

 The ruler of Rajasthan is the patron of arts, crafts and architecture; gorgeous palaces, splendid fortresses, intricate metalwork, textile stamping, mirror work, etc. It is a vivid example. Most Rajput rulers are proficient in arts and crafts, and regularly demonstrate their quirky skills in many ways.

 The culture of Rajasthan is mainly promoted by its fairs and festivals. Whether it is religious or regional festivals, well-meaning celebrations, or to commemorate any historical events in the past, the mighty Thar Desert will celebrate all events with great enthusiasm and vitality. Although most of its fairs and festivals follow Hindu beliefs and customs, the entire state participates in the celebrations and makes each festival a grand event.

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