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How Cristiano Ronaldo inspires us all

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Tuesday, 13th July 2021

 We understand people through "what is their identity", but we rarely pay attention to "how they become". In short, we are dazzled by famous people, and we strive to be like them. Don't evaluate their disappointment, dissatisfaction, misfortune, fighting, hard work, and hard work, these are the motivations that inspire achievement.

 In fact, almost all productive people end up fighting with each other, and this is how their lives become persuasive stories.

 Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most moving figures in football.

 It is usually listed as possibly the best part of the earth. The Portuguese Football Association also named him the best Portuguese player in history. So far, he has 4 golden shoes and 3 footballs. During his football career, he has accumulated countless feathers on his hat. Very remarkable, right?

 The world is excited to see this today, and his journey from a helpless boy to fame is just as exciting. Here's what you think of Ronaldo

 Ronaldo's father is a daycare worker and his mother is a cook. You may have lived your childhood in the most unfortunate place in Funchal, the capital of a small island called Madeira. When he started playing soccer, he was only 9 years old. His partner embarrassed him several times because his father ordered the storage space to bring in extra cash. However, this joke did not paralyze him, and he continued to play football.

 At the age of 11, he moved alone to Lisbon, Portugal to join SCP. When his father was drunk, he was only 14 years old. At the same time, his younger brother also struggled with this habit. His difficulties continued to develop, but he continued to advance. When Ronaldo himself was just 20 years old, his father gave up his addiction to alcohol. In this sense, he stopped drinking and helped his brothers and sisters overcome their alcoholism.

 Ronaldo as a humanitarian

 In addition to being one of the best important parts of soccer on the planet, he is also a decent brother, a donor and a compassionate person. Once, he proposed and paid for treatment for an 11-month-old boy named Eric, and found out that he had a psychological problem. In 2005, Ronaldo met Martunis, a survivor of the Indonesian tsunami. Raised assets and paid tuition. Interestingly, after 11 years, Matunis gained the backing of Ronaldo's former club, Sporting Lisbon.

 Donated over € 1.5 million worth of exceptional shoes to raise funds to help build a school in Gaza. He welcomed Syrian exiles, father and son, to Spain and offered them a job at Real Madrid.

 Ronald passed a sentimental adolescence. He faced countless challenges, but still went forward courageously, seeking his enthusiasm. His strategy and football skills are a thoughtful, durable and tireless worldview for everyone. He is someone we can all benefit from.

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