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Superstar Rajnikanth Dissolved the Rajni Makkal Mandram and Announces his Stand of “No to Politics”

‘Not to Politics’ stand expressed by Rajnikanth

Tuesday, 13th July 2021

South superstar Rajnikanth stalled all speculations on Monday about the possibility of his come back into politics as he dissolved the Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM).

As he made the announcement of the dissolution of the RMM, he also stated that the body will now be outfitted as a welfare association for fans.

After his meeting with RMM workers, the actor said, “What we expected didn't happen due to the prevailing situation. I don't have any plans to enter politics in the future.”

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He also said after the RMM’s disbanding, its functionaries would go back to working for the Rajinikanth Fans Forum (Rajinikanth Rasigar Narpani Mandram) which was formed to engage in welfare activities for the people.

After he made the announcement last December that he would not walk down the road of politics again, Rajnikanth found it to be his obligation to clarify to everyone about the fate of the Mandram. This had been instituted with the aim of facilitating the launch of a political party.

The superstar who has a revered place among his Tamil fans, had held a meeting on Monday with the RMM functionaries to deliberate on matters of the future of the body, after which he came out and announced to fans about his conviction and reiterated his stand of “no to politics”.

The actor was back from the United States only days ago where he had gone for a health checkup. He spoke with the media before his meeting and said, “Should the Makkal Mandram be continued and its functions will be and these are questions among the functionaries and fans. There are also questions as to whether or not I am going to come to politics in future.”

He also said that after a consultation with his Mandram functionaries he would brief them about the outcome of their discussions. This had led fans to enjoy a brief flutter of excitement which soon fizzled out after Rajnikanth’s announcement.

Last year on December 3, Raknikanth had formed the Rajni Makkal Mandram, a precursor outfit, with the aim of launching a political party in January 2021 before the assembly polls in Tamil Nadu. However, in the final weeks of the year 2020, he reconsidered his decision and announced his decision to not foray into the political world.

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