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Government Treats 3rd Wave Predictions like "Weather Forecast"

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Wednesday, 14th July 2021

The health ministry stated Wednesday that forecasts of a third wave of Covid should be taken seriously, citing news reports of individuals travelling to hill stations in flagrant violation of safety regulations. This is the Centre's third warning on the subject. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has previously raised this matter, and he did so again today at a meeting.

"People are treating predictions regarding the third wave as if they were weather forecasts. The predictions for the third wave must be regarded seriously "During the health minister's official briefing this evening, a senior official stated.

"According to a news source, some reported that they felt imprisoned and hence came out of their homes," he added.

Images of visitors flocking to Himachal Pradesh amid the pandemic startled the country last week.

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Since the virus spread to India, experts have warned avoiding huge crowds.

The disease has a new lease on life every time social distance rules are broken, as evidenced by the two previous waves of Covid, the first during gatherings during last year's festive season and the second during the Kumbh earlier this year.

PM Modi raised the topic again today during a virtual meeting with the northeast states' chief ministers.

"It is true that the coronavirus has had a significant impact on tourism and industry... but today I will state emphatically that it is not acceptable to have large crowds in hill stations and markets without wearing masks," Prime Minister Modi remarked.

"We bring the virus with us when we break the rules... it doesn't arrive and depart on its own. Experts have frequently warned us that irresponsible behaviour, such as overcrowding, will result in an increase in Covid cases "he stated

"Efforts should be made to avoid crowds... To avert the third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, we must all act together "Added he.


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