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Wednesday, 14th July 2021


Date: 13 July, 2021


31, 443 new Covid cases were recorded in India in the past 24 hours and this is perhaps the lowest number of fresh covid cases across a span of 118 days. The total number of recorded fatalities in the country in the past 24 hours was 2, 020 and that took the death toll in the country to 4, 10, 784, stated the data from the Union health and family welfare ministry on this Tuesday. This is actually the 35th day consecutively when the country recorded lower than 1 lakh new covid cases. Here are few more updates: 

 09:06 (IST) Jul 14

About 43, 59, 73,639 samples were tested for Covid infection until the 13th of July 2021: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

08:28 (IST) Jul 14

Delhi recorded 76 fresh Covid cases, 84 recoveries from Covid and also two covid-triggered deaths in past 24 hours. The case positivity rate in Delhi is 0.11% currently.

08:02 (IST) Jul 14

Australian administrative authorities have decided to extend the Sydney lockdown by 14 days at least as the infectious outbreak of Covid-19 is close to 900 infections, Reuters reported.

06:49 (IST) Jul 14

Covid induced death toll in India during the 2nd wave stands at more than 2.5 lakh; i.e. 1 lakh more deaths from Covid when compared to the pandemic’s 1st wave

06:20 (IST) Jul 14

PM Modi lets out a message saying that the people shouldn’t wait for the pandemic’s third wave; they should rather try preventing it.

05:53 (IST) Jul 14

The government of Uttarakhand on this Tuesday evening made its plans for canceling the kanwar yatra. In this context, Pushkar Dhami stated: ‘Can’t play around with lives’


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04:14 (IST) Jul 14

The U.S administrative authorities are actually reviewing the necessity for a third booster injection dose for Covid-19 among the residents who have received a vaccine already but some more data must be obtained to learn if an additional booster dose would increase the risk of side effects among the people, stated a health official (Reuters)

03:06 (IST) Jul 14

Odisha Government checks the movement as well as congregation of the Kaudias & Bol Bom devotees. They're not allowed to carry water from religious places or other sources & also not allowed to walk on public roads & pour water in temples during the month of Shravan (July/August), 2021, reports ANI

03:05 (IST) Jul 14

There will be a complete lockdown on the 17th of July and on the 18th in the state: Kerala government stated.

23:02 (IST) Jul 13

11 cases of Covid-19’s Kappa variant have been detected in the state of Rajasthan.

22:47 (IST) Jul 13

West Bengal may not remove covid restrictions completely: stated Official


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