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A video of chairs being tossed in the midst of turmoil at a Bihar vaccination centre has gone viral.

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Wednesday, 14th July 2021

Hundreds of people became enraged and began pushing and throwing chairs at one another outside a vaccination centre in Bihar on Wednesday after waiting in a serpentine line for hours to receive their Covid-19 vaccine.

The incident occurred at the Ambedkar Nagar vaccine centre in Bihar's Gopalganj district. As a video of the incident became viral, most of them were not observed wearing a mask or obeying social distancing standards.

Tired of standing in the sweltering heat without food or water, some teenagers began pushing each other in line and, after a while, allegedly flung chairs.

The alleged footage also shows a few security people attempting, but failing, to manage the mob. Outside the centre, chairs are laying on their backs.


Since 6 a.m., people had been queuing outside the immunisation centre. Swaminathan, a 60-year-old man, said he had been coming to the vaccine centre for days to obtain a shot but that supplies were running out.

Only four persons had been vaccinated since morning, according to Birendra Kumar, Mohammad Tasour Alam, and Pushpa Devi, who had also gone to get vaccinated.

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They claimed that the central drive was slowed "due to health personnel' irresponsibility." They stated that medical personnel would depart the centre without giving them the vaccine.

When asked about the situation at the Ambedkar immunisation centre, Gopalganj civil surgeon Dr Yogendra Mahto declined to comment.


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