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Connection between Food and Mental Health

Foods that trigger mental health issues

Wednesday, 14th July 2021

Mental issues like depression, anxiety, and stress have become quite widespread in the current times. Often it happens that despite adopting all types of therapeutic strategies, you still fail to keep up sound mental health. It could be due to certain foods you consume daily. Shocked? But it’s true. Learn more…


Added Sugar

Sweetened foods may lead to blood sugar spikes and trigger mood swings and anxiety disorders. So, abstain from food items like jams, sauces, ketchup, preserved fruit smoothies/juices, dressings, etc. Try switching to natural sugar alternatives made out of Yacon syrup, Erythritol, or Stevia. Naturally extracted fresh fruit juices are in fact the best option.


Refined Carbs

Mental Health Organization has recently found out that refined carbs including refined sugar elevate the risks associated with mental health issues. Refined carbs in fact could lead to severe depression. Thus, consumption of such carbs is a strict no-no. You should thus stay away from white bread, pasta, white rice, refined flour, and the like.


Trans Fat

You might be head over heels for chicken nuggets or chips but do you know that such foods can make you fall prey to mental issues? These deep-fried snacks are full of trans fat and trans fat may give your mental health status a blow. Thus, it is best to switch to saturated fat options like butter or ghee.


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Excessive Salt Content

Foods with high amounts of salt or sodium can lead to mood disorders as such foods can affect the neurological system adversely. Also, too much sodium in food may cause weight gain and bloat thereby giving you a poor image. That again may lead to depression.


Caffeinated Beverages

The molecules of caffeine often disrupt and disturb the adenosine phenomenon pertaining to the brain receptors leading to sleep cycle disorders, insomnia, and stress-induced sleep disorder. So, if you love to take coffee or any other such caffeinated beverages, you must think twice. Instead of caffeinated beverages, you could thus switch to healthier options such as coconut water or lemon, or mint tea.



Irrational alcohol intake may damage your mental health like anything. People often take alcohol to calm their minds and come out of misery or grief. But that’s not the right thing to do. According to research alcohol intake may alter the neurotransmitter and serotonin activity in the brain making you all the more deranged once the impact of alcohol sheds off. Instead of alcohol try using non-alcoholic beers, mock-tails, or mojitos.


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