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Yoga for Beginners: The Right Way to Start Your Yoga Journey

How to do Yoga? Learn more…

Wednesday, 14th July 2021

We are familiar with the wide range of yoga for our physical and mental health. But before starting a yoga trip, did you think about the perfect or appropriate adjuster for beginners? Or do you need a lot of flexibility to go to the rhythm of yoga? To help you start your yoga trip, Yoga Instructor Mita Vinay recommends some basic yoga poses. Preparing yoga correctly creates a connection between the body, the mind, and the soul. 


Detailed yoga guide for beginners

The yoga teacher emphasized some of the two healthy yoga. If the posture is correct or incorrect, it makes it possible for people to feel the right relationship between mind, body, and soul.


What is important at the beginner level?

The most important thing to consider at the beginner level is the movement of the spine. As the coach is explained, the spine is the backbone we are present, and we always wake up and move in several ways. It is necessary to consider all the movements when performing any level of yoga, whether it is the extent of the spindle, flexion forward or backward, lateral bending, or torsion.  However, Surya Namaskar contains all these spinal movements, so it can be practiced at a beginner level.


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Surya Namaskar Procedure

Prayer Position

Support At the end of the yoga mat, distributes its weight, even between the feet.

Relax your shoulders and extend your chest.

If you suck your hands and you suck your hands on your chest, raise your hand on your chest.

Arm posture loaded

Throws the arms when you suck your arms, listen to your ears and get off near the ears. In this posture, the purpose is to extend the whole body from the heel to the tips of the fingers.

Lean Forward

Makes your waist forward and puts your spine and spit simultaneously.

When you completely exhale, put your hand on the site next to your feet.

Equestrian posture

Resort to the right leg as much as possible during inhalation. Place your right knee on the floor and lift your head. 


When recovering the left leg at the time of inhalation, the whole body is in a straight line.

8 Voice Greeting

Escape, slowly lower the knees to the ground.

Lower the waist a little down, slide the front, and put your chest and chin on the floor.

Load your little ass. You have to touch the ground by hand, 2 feet, two knees, chest, and chin (eight parts of the body). 

Cobra Pose

Cobra's pose loses his chest forward. In this position, you can keep your elbow away from your ears. Look at the roof.

Dog below

Lift the waist and tailbone tail as your body is in the reverse "V" position.

Equestrian posture

Deep breathing, advance and put its right foot between the hands. 

The left knee fell to the ground. Raise your head and depress your waist.

Stand and inclined forward

Escape, advance forward with the left foot. Please flatter your palm on the ground. You can bend the knee as necessary. 

Position collected deeply breathing and breaks the spine. Raise your hand, raise a little, push your hip out.

Mountain Pose

When exhaling, first stretch your arms and lower your arms. Relax in this position and pay attention to how your body feels. The set of

Surya Namaskar has been completed. 


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