Ghaziabad power theft raid

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Mission impossible: A video of a man caught snipping an illegal electricity wire has the internet in a tizzy.

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Thursday, 15th July 2021

In India, electricity theft is prevalent, yet it is rarely caught on camera. Netizens have been laughing out loud after seeing a video of officials executing a raid in Uttar Pradesh.

A young man was caught by an electrical department officer while attempting to snip a cable unlawfully attached to a power line on his balcony, according to the viral footage. He didn't notice an officer on the neighbouring terrace recording everything when he crawled out to destroy evidence as the department was executing a raid.



The official made him aware of his presence as the man moved cautiously to sever the power cable with pliers in hand. The individual filming the video is heard stating, "Main toh yehi pe khada hoon bhaiya." The man's disappointment and shame after being caught red-handed in the video has left netizens in splits.

According to local accounts, the event occurred in Ghaziabad's Muradnagar neighbourhood, when authorities conducted a raid after receiving information about power thefts in the area.

As the video gained popularity, many people were left speechless online, and others even reacted by uploading humorous memes and GIFs. Many people tweeted images from prominent Hindi films to try to anticipate what the man must have said next: "Galti se mistake ho gaya."

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