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PM Meets with Ministers Ahead Of Monsoon Session, Discusses Covid, Petrol Price

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Thursday, 15th July 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with the reconstituted Council of Ministers this evening included the spike in fuel prices as well as the government's handling of the Coronavirus. The meeting took place ahead of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, which begins on July 19.

PM Modi instructed all ministers to arrive for the monsoon session fully prepared.

In the wake of opposition criticism over the matter, officials say PM Modi was briefed on the reasons for the price hikes in gasoline, diesel, and LPG. According to sources, the Petroleum Minister informed Prime Minister Modi on revenue allocation between the Center and the states.

PM Modi was also informed about the issue of Covid, medication, and vaccine during the presentation by the Ministry of Health. Details of the preparations for a potential third wave were examined in depth, particularly the actions taken by the government to increase oxygen supply following the horrific experience of shortages during the second wave.

During the presentation by the Ministry of Health, PM Modi was also informed about the Covid, medicine, and vaccine issues. The government's attempts to enhance oxygen supply after the awful experience of shortages during the second wave were scrutinised in detail.

Earlier today, the opposition Congress held its own strategy session, focusing on the matters they want to bring up in parliament to put the government on notice. According to insiders, the party intends to discuss the price hike problem, as well as the handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the Rafale agreement.

According to PM Modi, all ministers should be in parliament according to their assigned obligation. He instructed them to prepare for the meeting by learning the rules of the home as well as the specifics of their ministries.

Ministers of state can pilot bills and answer questions in the absence of Cabinet ministers during parliament sessions, in addition to answering questions. The senior ministers, though, remain accountable.

PM Modi had a series of meetings with senior and junior ministers in different groups to examine the functioning of their ministries following the huge restructure of the Council of Ministers last week.

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