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So far, almost 90 lakh COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in Delhi.

In Delhi on Tuesday, a total of 1,29,054 COVID-19 vaccine doses were given out, with 92,547 initial doses and 36,507-second doses.

Thursday, 15th July 2021

According to official numbers released by authorities on Wednesday, more than 90 lakh doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been provided to people in Delhi to date.

According to the municipal health department's most recent immunization bulletin, vaccine supplies was down to less than a day.

According to the report, 90,88,718 doses have been administered to patients in Delhi to date.

On Tuesday, 1,29,054 doses of COVID-19 vaccination were given out, with 92,547 initial doses and 36,507 second doses. The figures for Wednesday have yet to be released.

According to the government's vaccination bulletin, the total number of vaccine doses delivered in Delhi to date includes 69,57,233 first doses and 21,31,485 second doses.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Satyendar Jain announced that the Delhi government had received a new supply of 1.5 lakh doses of COVID-19 vaccine, which will allow for immunization to last around a day and a half.

He also warned people not to become complacent or let their guard down while speaking with reporters, stating that experts have already warned of the possibility of a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.


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