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Rising ‘R’ Factor of Covid-19 Cause of Worry, Centre Writes to UTs to Take Heed

Covid-19 related increasing ‘R’ Factor is currently a matter of concern…get the details

Thursday, 15th July 2021

As the country witnesses a distressing situation of continual flouting of Covid related measures and a subsequent rise in new cases along with an increase in the ‘R’ factor or reproduction number, the Centre is putting its foot down in its directive to states to maintain COVID appropriate behaviour.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla wrote a letter to the Union Territories where he wrote the increase in R-factor seen in several states is a matter if concern.

The letter read, “Blatant violations of Covid norms have been observed in several parts of the country, especially in public transport and at hill stations. Massive crowds are also thronging the market places, violating norms of social distancing.”

It also added, “Consequently, increase in 'R' factor in some states is a matter of concern. You may be aware that any increase in 'R' factor above 1.0 is an indicator of spread of Covid-19.”

The minister stressed in his letter about the importance of making all concerned authorities responsible for ensuring “Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) in all crowded places, such as shops, malls, markets, market complexes, weekly markets, restaurants and bars, 'mandis, bus stations, railway platforms, stations, public parks and gardens, gymnasium, banquet halls, marriage halls, stadia, sports complexes (if opened up by the State) as well as at all areas identified as hotspots for transmission of Covid19 virus.”

He said in clear terms that there is no room for complacency and people must ensure they adhere to Covid-19 protocols.

The letter was written a day after PM Modi expressed his concern over the situation in the country where people are seen not wearing face masks and failing to maintain social distancing norms and warned of a potentially catastrophic third wave of the pandemic.

The ‘R’ factor is a criterion that helps to measure the number of people that get infected from 1 infected person. So an ‘R’ of 1 entails one person on an average infects one other person. In a pandemic situation, the ‘R’ target is less than 1.0 which essentially means the virus will eventually die out for want of causing enough infections to support an outbreak.

The R value rose from .89 last week to 0.95 today. It was at 0.74 four weeks ago. A researcher from Chennai’s Institute of Mathematical Sciences said, “Even a .1 change can make a big difference...”


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