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Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya Dispels Allegations of Vaccine Shortages in Several States

Mansukh Mandaviya pushes aside vaccine shortage charges...get the details

Thursday, 15th July 2021

Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya took to Twitter to debunk allegations hurled at the BJP by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi about vaccine shortage in various states across the country.

Mandaviya dispelled the contentions terming them as “useless statements” that are being made to create “panic among the people”.

The series of six tweets posted in Hindi held accusations by the Union Health Minister for states and their sheer “mismanagement” in the vaccination drive. He said all states had been kept informed about well in advance about available supplies but had not been able to plan adequately.

He wrote on the social media platform, “Regarding the availability of vaccines, I have received information from letters of various state governments and leaders. This situation can be better understood by an actual analysis of the facts. Useless statements are being made only to create panic among the people,” and added, “The centre informed the states on June 19... about how many doses of the vaccine would be available in July. After this, on June 27 and July 13, states were informed about availability of vaccines every day for the first and second fortnights of July.”

Mandaviya also quoted numbers and wrote 114.6 million doses were available in June and the supply has been further spruced up to 135 million in the month of July.

Directing his ire at repeated assertions by Rahul Gandhi on Twitter about the government’s failure to maintain a steady supply on vaccine doses across states, Mandaviya wrote that “Persons who are making statements in the media, that are creating misinformation and panic in the people, need to introspect whether they have distanced themselves so much from governance processes and the related information being given to them.”

States like Tamil Nadu and Delhi are among others who raised their concerns to the Centre about running out of vaccine doses. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin had also written to the prime minister earlier his week expressing his anxiety over the insufficient amount of vaccine doses that is being allotted to them.

Rising concerns over the shortages of vaccine doses in the country are leading to talks of the onset of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic soon. In view of this, PM Modi has been stressing on the proper maintenance of COVID appropriate behaviour.

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