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Thursday, 15th July 2021

While the ‘City of Joy' Kolkata has multiple mesmerizing locations to offer to any visitor, it has many lush green forest covers around too…those are places where a visitor can go to in order to take a break from the chaotic, mundane city life. If you wish to learn more about those quick green spaces, here are a couple of options in and around Kolkata that would let you depart from the everyday grind and grab a short and quick break. Read on:


The Sunderbans

Sunderbans are known worldwide for their Mangrove Forests and Sundari Trees. It has been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Sunderbans is also famed as the largest delta in the whole of the world. This delta has been formed by River Ganga, River Brahmaputra, and River Meghna. The delta has been named after the Sundari trees that grow in large numbers in the area. The Sunderban National Park is a dwelling place for the famed tiger species; the Royal Bengal Tiger. Also, there are several other wildlife species in the jungles of Sunderbans. When you visit the Sunderbans you can also pay a visit to Henry’s Island and the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary too.



The woods of Jhargram could be reached through a 3hrs of the journey from the Howrah junction. Not only do the forests of Jhargram offer a picturesque landscape but also several other attractions like the ride across the sanctuary, stroll across the Rajbari, and much more. One can also set out to explore the sanctuary and its wildlife and even embark on a hiking trip to Belpahari. Lazing on the banks of River Subarnarekha is something one must do to unwind and relax thoroughly. A stay at the cottages built amid the forests of Jhargram is an experience not to be missed!


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Joypur Jungle

This forest area is full of wildlife and other attractions such as temples, pristine rivers, amazing mountain views, etc. The forest falls within the Bankura district of West Bengal and is full of trees such as Mahua, Sal, Palash, Teak, Kusum, etc. Animals such as wolves, elephants, wild foxes, and spotted deer may be spotted in the jungle. On your visit to the Joypur jungle, you can also set out for sightseeing in places such as Jor Bangla temple, Gokulchand temple, Susunia Pahar, Dalmadal Gun, Mukutmanipur, Jairambati-Kamarpkur villages, etc.


Sonajhuri Forest

Close to the route running between Kolkata and Shantiniketan is the forest of Sonajhuri. The forest houses the Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary that offers shelter to rare birds and animal species. Birds such as kingfishers, woodpeckers apart from deer, jackals, foxes, and blackbucks are found in the forest. Then, there is the Ashram of Rabindranath Tagore and River Kopai located close by. The ideal time to visit the Sonajhuri forest is in the winter months when the forest area gets cloaked by tiny yellowish Sonajhuri flowers.


Garh Jungle

The Garh jungle is thought to be one of the most ancient places in the whole of the country and is situated in the city of Durgapur. The area is referred to as Raja Surath’s Dharma Garh. A temple called the Shyamarumpa mandir located amid the wildernesses is believed to be the temple where Raja Surath used to pray to Ma Durga and perform puja for the deity. While one is at the Garh Jungle one can even set out for Deul Park and spend some time therein.


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