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Techie Quits Job and Move to the Himalayas, Helps 200 Women in 40 Villages and Earn Lakhs

Pratibha Moved from Bengaluru to Uttarakhand and transformed remote…

Thursday, 15th July 2021

 Himalayan Blooms in 2006, Bengaluru-based Pratibha Krishnaiah graduated with a degree in software engineering. She found a corporate line of work, which she worked throughout the following eight years. She says the compensation was acceptable, she was dominating in her field, and things were working out positively.

Be that as it may, she felt like she required a break.

So Pratibha pursued the State Bank of India's Youth for India Fellowship (SBI-YFI) in 2014. This program offers India's young ability an opportunity to associate with country networks and empowers the members to chip away at advancement projects with experienced NGOs. Much to her dismay that the occasion would change her life totally.

Pratibha moved to Khetikhan town in Uttarakhand for a 13-month partnership to work with a NGO working with country networks.

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As she settled and began adapting with her new life, she saw that a yarn of fleece and sewing needles went with the town ladies consistently. "Be it a local gathering, a family occasion, get-togethers, or only investing energy at home – ladies sewed woolen sweaters, socks, scarves and different things consistently

The 37-year-old says that addressing these ladies assisted her with discovering that weaving was being sought after additional as a diversion and for individual or family use, however the items were not being financially sold.

Giving town ladies something to trust in So Pratibha chose to rope in ladies and assist them with bringing in cash out of a pastime. She moved toward these ladies and shared her thought. She proposed that she'd purchase their items and sell them.

However, Pratibha was not knowledgeable with weaving and needed to take exercises from local people and YouTube. Language was another obstacle she needed to defeat for powerful correspondence.

At first, she figured out how to win the certainty of ten ladies. When these ladies brought in cash and had confidence in Pratibha, they understood that acquiring pay from their expertise could be a reality and not simply dream.


In 2015, Pratibha completed her cooperation and got back to Bengaluru. "It was around that time an article was distributed about my work. I got more than 100 messages liking my work. Out of them, 95 were brimming with acclaim while the excess people communicated ability to help the reason," she clarifies.

Pratibha says one specific NRI, Joginder Kundra, appeared to be extremely energetic about the ladies' work and needed to help them fiscally. "The 70-year-elderly person lived in the US and consented to begin a pledge drive. In any case, I had not intended to keep close by to perceive how the eventual fate of the endeavor would work out – I was simply going to hand the venture over to the NGO. I likewise needed him to visit the ladies before he put resources into them. He flew from New Jersey and went through ten days understanding their work. He chose to help them," she says.

She adds that the NGO refered to an absence of aptitude for not tolerating her task. So Pratibha had a choice to make – stay and own the endeavor, or leave and start anew.

Pratibha says that determining the destiny of her task was a troublesome choice to make. "I reviewed my time in Uttarakhand, and one specific episode contacted me. During my visit, the ladies used to propose that I travel and partake in my time in the valley as opposed to attempting to work with them. They said that numerous NGOs came and worked for quite a long time and vanished. 'Such drives don't keep going for long,' they had said," she says.

'Nothing that a lady can't deal with'

Meena Bhat from Khetikhan, who is essential for the drive, says, "Prior we used to see Pratibha strolling down the roads, and she was interested to think about our lives, every day battles and parts of work. She found out about weaving, recommended a plan of action and gave over yarns to every lady."

Meena says that once the main cluster of ladies began acquiring, more joined. "We currently have a workshop which bends over as an office. We handle business, bookkeeping, accounting, tolerating requests and conveyances," adds the 28-year-old.

She says the business has increased more than they anticipated. "We used to sew and knit 10 kilos of fleece a day. Presently it has expanded to 100 kilos. The ladies from our town never considered adapting the abilities and ought to have sought after it previously. During the merry season, we acquire up to Rs 15,000-20,000


Himalayan Blooms can be reached via email at or through their website.


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