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Traditional Tea with basic ingredients…Know more…

Thursday, 15th July 2021

There are many things that most of the Indians enjoy to drink. Especially in the monsoon season. Therefore, it is only appropriate to talk about the healthy benefits of this drink. In many homes, tea was considered sacred, and with many love, he tried all the members of the family. 

 But the time of monotonous rupture arrived. Some basic ingredients, that is, traditional tea with milk, water, sugar and tea leaves, have many healthy options that must be experienced.

 Dolly Kumar, Cosmic Nutracos Founder and director suggest five ways to make his chai front heavily. You have to boil the water and cool it a little. Add it to a bottle with a bag of green tea and prepared for 5 minutes.  Pour the tea prepared in the ice cube and add lemon and mint to the oven. You can also add sugar or honey for flavor. To do this, you can try different tastes of green tea.

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 Infusion Tea: Injections use tea with salt as green tea mixed with flowers, leaves and other organic products. Not only has he enhanced the taste but also healthy profits. Calm and calm the mind and body. This healthy choice is in the taste of Rose, Moringa, Hibiscus, chamomile. Apart from the aroma, the cup of tea with tea with praised flavor is excellent in the throat and in the secondary nasal cavity.

 Tea: The world consumed more popular tea, tea is called Chinese red tea, its origin. Totally rusty, tea has a strong flavor based on the region and its type.  For example, Assami and Darge Linti have different flavors of English breakfast tea or agile gray. You can alleviate the natural aroma and ordinary tea of Ginger and Caldamom. The tea drinking test has evidence that reduces the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones and other diseases.

 Herbal Tea: Dry herbs, such as chamomile, ginger, hibiscus, leaflet, mint, etc., grass powder made of fruits and flowers are made of leaves, as well as most teas. Another healthy alternative to provide a fruity and sweet aroma for those who have dietary restrictions. 


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