Monkey Drinking Whiskey

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Viral Video: Monkey Drinking Whiskey by opening the bottle with mouth while sitting next to the owner

This monkey may not know the taste of ginger, but he definitely knows the taste of wine.

Friday, 16th July 2021

A video of a monkey sitting in a liquor store drinking a bottle of wine went viral on the Internet, shocking social network users. According to a report by Aaj Tak, the incident occurred in the Mandela district of Madhya Pradesh.


In the video, a monkey first walked into the wine shop and took a bottle of wine. Open the bottle cap with your mouth and start drinking slowly. At the same time, the merchant was not worried about the existence of the monkey and provided a biscuit. However, the monkey seemed to be busy drinking and neglecting food. Like humans, the monkey holds the bottle and swallows the alcohol with his throat, which makes passers-by very happy.


Upon seeing this strange incident, many people gathered near the store and began to record videos with their mobile phones. According to witnesses, a few days ago, people saw the monkey for the first time drinking a few drops of wine from an old bottle on the ground near the liquor store.


Because they saw him near the store every day, no one kicked him out. Many people say that monkeys will like this taste, which is why he comes back for more. The clerk said that they were ready to drive him away next time.


Monkeys are especially good at imitating humans. They can easily learn from humans and imitate their behavior.


Even before this, many interesting videos have been exposed, in which monkeys are drinking. There were also many incidents, among which the monkeys caused a lot of commotion after drinking.


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