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Several South Delhi Vaccination Centers Forced to Shut Down Due to Acute Vaccine Shortage

Vaccine Shortage in Delhi…get the details…

Friday, 16th July 2021

Delhi’s health minister Satyendra Jain rued the state’s acute shortage in vaccine doses that forced several of South Delhi’s vaccine centers to shut down.

Jain said of Tuesday that they were capable of administering three to four lakh doses of vaccine against the coronavirus per day but were unable to do so due to frequent shortage in supply of doses causing vaccination centers to close their doors.

He said, “There is a shortage of vaccines in Delhi. We received a small stock of 1.5 lakh of Covishield on Monday night, which shall last till Tuesday. This in effect will again cause the centers to shut after the stock gets finished on Tuesday.”

So, said Jain, despite the national capital having a robust infrastructure to administer a substantial number of doses a day, they are having to stall the drive as they have only 1.68 lakh vaccine doses that will last only until Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

According to a bulletin by the Delhi government, “only 20 per cent of Covaxin stock can be used for the first dose since the stock of the vaccine is limited and have irregular delivery cycles.” The balance stock of Covaxin (till July 14 morning) was 2,46,340. On July 13 a further 3,05,30 doses of Covaxin were added to the stock.

The balance stock of Covisheild is 63,840 as of July 14 (morning). There are 1,374 vaccine centres in 763 locations with a capacity of 2,26,552 per day.

The health minister also said that they now have the lowest number of Covid-19 positive cases in 15 months with active cases also below 700and positivity rate under 1 per cent.

He said, “Covid cases have come down sharply in Delhi but I still urge people to take complete precautions and wear masks at all times. I believe we can prevent the third wave if people abide by Covid norms. We saw a similar situation back in January-February when people thought that the cases had come down sharply.”

He continued to warn people of a situation that might soon go out of hand if they let their guards down and urged all to wear masks every time one stepped out of their house as, “as long as Covid-19 cases exist in public, the virus can spread.”

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