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TCL Launches India’s First Video Call QLED 4K TV

TCL launches the first video call TV in the country…learn more…

Friday, 16th July 2021

One of the leading consumer electronics companies and global top-two television brand TCL has recently launched its latest offering, the country’s first-ever Video call QLED 4KTV termed C725 that comes packed with features that will change the definition of TV viewing for the millennial consumer.


  • Millions of quantum dot nanocrystals give superior theatre-like viewing and gaming experience

Dolby Vision / Atmos

  • Adjusts pictures with enhanced brightness, colour and contrast
  • Voice quality is more immersive with up to 128 channels of sound


  • Adjusts brightness and colour levels making the viewer experience more realistic with high-quality content.

MEMC (Motion Estimate & Motion Compensation)

  • The frame interpolation technology makes action content more enhanced through high frame rates and enhanced smoothness

AiPQ Engine

  • Delivers superior audio-visual output

ONKYO Certified Sound

  • The premium sound system boosts the sound output for a theatre level user experience.

TCL Smart UI

  • An ultramodern user optimized interface based on the upgraded Android Operating System that gives an advanced, realistic and entertaining engrossing experience.


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Video Call Camera

  • India’s first video call QLED 4K TV
  • A video call camera for premium video call experience through Google Duo.
  • Allows one on one or group calls, send voice or video notes etc.

TCL Home Entertainment Centre

  • Contains 7000+ Android apps
  • 700,000+TV shows and movies
  • YouTube and other OTT sites like Netflix, Amazon prime video

TCL Home Control Centre

  • MagiConnect
  • Screen mirroring
  • It Will allow users to connect TV and smartphones and even take screenshots

AI x IoT

  • The Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things features will allow users to control other Google Home enabled devices around the house like washing machines and AC through their TCL TV.
  • Hands-free control including temperature setting, light dimming, etc.
  • Single medium operation of all devices

Hands-free voice control 2.0

  • Hands-free voice control 2.0 for better and superior control and quicker response.

Android 11 TV

  • Android 11 is the latest upgrade that comes with better security features, a sophisticated memory management system, scoped memory, one-time app permissions, auto low-latency mode, weightage on media controls, productive app testing, Google play instant apps.
  • Built-in Google assistant and G-board facilities.

Other features

  • Its dual-band Wi-Fi and HDMI 2.1 gives uninterrupted content processing, seamless refresh rates and transmission speed.
  • USB 3.0 allows more data flow at a higher speed


The device is available for purchase on Amazon in 50, 55 and 65 inches that are priced at Rs 64,990, Rs 72,990 and Rs 99,999 respectively.


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