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Viral video: The train conductor slammed the brakes at the last minute, and the old man almost died WATCH

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Monday, 19th July 2021

The Central Railway (CR) reported in a statement that Hari Shankar (70) who was crossing the track fell and was trapped under the train. On Sunday, the conductor of the Mumbai-Varanasi train received a warning from railway officials and slammed the brakes at the last minute.

An elderly man nearly died after crossing the railroad tracks in the Kalyan area of ??Mumbai. A video of an elderly rescued under a train went viral and circulated on social media platforms. The incident occurred around 12:45, and the train departed from platform 1.



Close to Kalyan number 4 train station in Thane district. The Central Railroad (CR) said in a press release that Harry Shankar (70) who was crossing the track fell and was trapped under the train. Permanent Chief Highways Inspector (CPWI) Santosh Kumar then yelled to warn locomotive driver SK Pradhan and assistant locomotive driver Ravi Shankar G.

 The two locomotive drivers immediately braked and pulled the old man from the bottom of the train, the press release said. Shortly after the incident, the Central Railroad issued a recommendation asking people not to cross the tracks and warning that it could be fatal.

 Officials said Alok Kansal, the general manager of the Central Railway, announced that two locomotive pilots and CPWI each received a 2,000 rupee cash award in recognition of their timely actions to save the man's life.

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