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Nick Jonas wrote on his wife Priyanka Chopra's birthday, "You Deserve All the Happiness."

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Monday, 19th July 2021

Priyanka Chopra turned 39 on Sunday, and among the many birthday greetings she received was one from her husband, singer Nick Jonas. Nick made Priyanka's birthday even more special by sending her a heartfelt card in which he acknowledged his love for her. The musician shared a gorgeous snapshot of his wife from his Brother Joe Jonas' wedding book, as well as an adorable childhood photo of Priyanka Chopra. He wished her a happy birthday, saying, "Happy birthday, my darling."You are deserving of all the joy in the world. Every day, including today. "I'm in love with you." In the first photo, Priyanka is dressed in a pastel pink saree, while in the second, she is dressed in baby pink attire. Priyanka Chopra is presently filming her new show Citadel in London, while Nick Jonas is in California.

Priyanka Chopra posted some gorgeous photos of herself from London to Instagram on her birthday. The actress celebrated her birthday with James Cavanaugh and her cousin Divya Jyoti. She hilariously captioned two images of herself sunbathing in a blue monokini with her pet dog Panda: "Expectation vs reality."

Nick Jonas shared this throwback photo from Cannes 2019 a few days ago, recalling his and Priyanka Chopra's furious Cannes experience.

Last month, Priyanka Chopra spent a few days at her home in California. She returned to London early this month to begin work. Citadel is a multi-series directed by The Russo Brothers, with productions from India, Italy, and Mexico.


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