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Everything is a Hand Sanitizer for this ‘Pandemic Baby’. Watch Viral Video

Cute Baby thinks of everything as Sanitizer.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021

The pandemic makes people worry about their health and hygiene. One thing they have been doing is sanitizing their hands regularly. Whether you go to the office or the restaurant, always carry hand sanitizer with you.


Babies born in the pandemic grow up seeing that their parents and adults always disinfect their hands. They quickly caught up with our habit of evidencing.

A girl born in 2020 believes that everything is hand sanitizer. A video of her bringing her hands to different objects and then imitating her to wash her hands went viral on social media.



In the video, the girl can be seen walking towards the traffic lights, circuits, and everything she sees on the street, putting her hands under them, thinking that they are disinfectant dispensers. Then he rubbed his hands together.


"She was born in 2020 and thinks everything is hand sanitizer," the video captioned.

The video went viral on social media, receiving more than 2.4 million views and more than 73,000 likes. Although many netizens thought this video was cute and funny, some netizens said it was sad that this little girl couldn't grow up in a world where she could safely play outside. One user said, "This is nice ... but it shouldn't touch electronic accessories." Another wrote: "But it can't be real haha. But it's cute." The third user added: “This is really sad that children know this.” Someone posted: “This is not really fun or cute. Our children will not grow up in a world where they can play safely and become children This is really sad.”


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