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WhatsApp Launches Joinable Group Calls, Allowing Users to Get Out Of the Call and Rejoin

Having trouble with WhatsApp Group call. Check out the new feature for Group Call.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in the app that allows users to join a group voice call or group video call after activation. The join call feature allows people to join a group call by going to the "Call" tab of the app. The feature also brings a new call information screen, allowing users to see who is on the call and invited users who have not yet joined. The platform said in a blog post: "Joinable calls reduce the burden of answering group calls at the beginning, and bring the spontaneity and ease of face-to-face conversations to group calls on WhatsApp."


Before the new update, the user who was notified of missed calls must ask the caller to add it again. Although this method allows someone to join the call later, it is very inconvenient. People who talk and talk to people who have joined the call often miss text messages from people who have not answered the call and ask to be invited back.


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The new feature allows users to decide when to join a group call. In addition, this allows users to disconnect existing calls and rejoin while the call is still in progress.


The new update will be accompanied by a new WhatsApp update, which should appear on all Android and iOS devices soon. Making a group call is as easy as before, but users will receive a new notification design when they are invited to join the call.


Users will now see two options when they are invited to join a group called: "Join" and "Ignore". Pressing join will take you directly to the call while selecting Ignore will send the call to the call tab in the app. Once you are free to answer the call, you can go to the "Call" tab (the rightmost panel on the main WhatsApp screen) and jump directly to the ongoing call.


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