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Instagram has implemented a responsive content control option to allow users to control the content displayed in their feed

Now you can control the content on your deed in Instagram

Wednesday, 21st July 2021


  • Instagram has introduced a responsive content control option that allows users to control the content that is displayed in their discovery feed.
  • This feature allows users to adjust the sensitive content controls to view more or less certain types of sensitive content.
  • To enable this function, the user can go to the "Settings" menu and select this option.


Instagram announced on Tuesday that it is introducing a sensitive content control option that allows users to control the content displayed in their discovery feeds. This feature will allow users to adjust sensitive content controls to view more or less certain types of sensitive content. Previously, Instagram has implemented restrictive options to prevent unknown users from interacting. The photo-sharing application gives users the control to completely turn off comments to prevent unnecessary harassment on their platform.


When announced the new feature, Instagram stated in a blog post: “Today we launched sensitive content control on Instagram, which allows you to decide how much sensitive content appears in your exploration. We believe that people should be able to transform Instagram into the experience they want. We are already beginning to move in this direction, providing tools like turning off comments or restricting someone's ability to interact with you on Instagram."


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Instagram stated on the blog that the app has recommended guidelines to ensure the app doesn't show you sensitive content from accounts you don't follow. Facebook-owned apps explain that sensitive content doesn't mean anything obviously bad because the app doesn't allow hate speech, harassment, or any other content that may cause harm to people. These posts may not violate Instagram guidelines but may make some people uncomfortable. For example, sexually suggestive or violent posts. Everyone has a different definition of sensitive content. What is sensitive to you is not necessarily sensitive to others.


Thus, the new features give users full control over sensitive content. You can decide if you want to view posts of a specific nature. You can also control whether these posts should appear in your discovery feed.


To enable this feature, go to your profile, click the "Settings" menu in the upper right corner, click "Accounts", and then click "Sensitive content control". You can leave the settings in the default state, restrict or view more, allow or less certain types of sensitive content, or even more.


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