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Anand Mahindra shared a viral video of a man showing off his solid gold Ferrari

Anand Mahindra shared viral video...know more…

Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Anand Mahindra shared a video on Twitter showing a man riding a solid gold Ferrari. The president of Mahindra Group often shares funny videos with his fans on Weibo website

In the video, an Indian-American can be seen showing off his shiny Ferrari. When he was about to ride in his pure gold car, he was all smiles. However, Anand Mahindra did not seem to be impressed by the man's pomp. "I don't know why this happened on social media, unless this is a course on how to spend money when you have money (sic)," wrote Anand Mahindra, sharing the video. The

 54-second video has more than 207,000 views and 7,529 likes.

 Some Twitter users agree with what Anand Mahindra said. "Hahaha! That's right. I don't understand what you will get by doing this.

 Another user didn't leave any impression on this person choosing to wrap his super expensive car in what he called an "ugly color". Not Question. Your economic choice for this supercar, I am curious that you decided to wrap it up in terrible colors. I pity this car. A wonderful red or yellow Ferrari wrapped under the package. Things like this will only make my mind go away

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