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Research states patients with mental health issues are more prone to covid related complications and mortality

Bad news for patients with mental health issues…read more…

Wednesday, 21st July 2021

New research has found out that when infected with Covid-19, those with psychiatric disorders have greater chances of mortality and hospitalization. The study was published in the medical journal Lancet Psychiatry under the initiative of the Immuno-Neuro-Psychiatry Network of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology.


The study furthermore discovered the rates of ICU admission weren’t affected. The research involved the compilation of data from as many as 33 studies from across 22 countries, consisting of nearly 1,469,731 patients infected with COVID, of whom about 43,938 were suffering from mental disorders.


23 researches were actually included in the meta-analysis of the ratios of adjusted as well as crude odds for Covid-triggered mortality, hospital and ICU admissions in the individuals with pre-existent co-morbidities, mental disorders, delving deep into varied classifications of psychiatric drugs as well as diagnostic groups.


Individuals suffering from mood as well as psychotic disorders, and furthermore, patients getting treated with Anxiolytics or Antipsychotics seemed to be highly vulnerable with respect to Covid-triggered mortality. Patients with a history of substance usage disorders were at a higher risk of hospitalization associated with COVID-19.


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The researchers involved in this study called for the attention of national as well as international healthcare authorities to undertake concerted steps by providing priority vaccines to the patients with mental health disorders, substance usage disorder and intellectual disability and furthermore highlight the necessity of actions to counter the probably diminished access to proper care. 


Dr. Livia De Picker, the corresponding author, from University Psychiatric Hospital Campus Duffel, Belgium, stated, "Together with many colleagues from national and international psychiatric associations, we have been advocating for priority SARS-CoV-2 vaccination of patients with severe mental illness. However, it quickly became apparent that a lack of high-quality evidence on the mortality and hospitalization risks of patients with mental disorders was blocking implementation of our recommendations by healthcare policymakers."


"In several countries, pleas to change the vaccination strategy were discarded by national health authorities with the argument that the current scientific evidence did not distinguish particular groups of psychiatric patients who have a very high risk for severe Covid-19, hospitalizations, ICU admittance, and death due to Covid-19. This paper offers precisely this and shows that pre-existing mental disorders, in particular, psychotic and mood disorders, and exposure to antipsychotics and anxiety-reducing drugs are associated with COVID-19 mortality. With this new evidence, not taking action is no longer an option," added Dr. Livia.


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