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Salman Khan responds to reports that he lives in Dubai with his wife and 17-year-old daughter

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Thursday, 22nd July 2021

Arbaaz Khan's talk programme, Pinch, has returned for a new season, with celebs laughing and reacting to harsh remarks. Salman Khan was the first guest of the season, which began today (July 21). The actor responded to trolls who mocked him for his age, films, lifestyle, and the fact that he prefers not to express himself.

Arbaaz read aloud a tweet from a user accusing Salman of having a residence in Dubai, a wife named Noor, and a 17-year-old daughter during the conversation. “These folks are well-informed,” Salman responded, finding this particularly amusing. Bifizool ki baatein hai yeh bifizool ki baatein hai yeh bifizo (These are irrelevant matters). I'm not sure who they're referring to. Do they suppose I'll tell them I don't have a wife and that I live in Hindustan, in Galaxy Apartments, with my father living above me? This is a fact that everyone in India is aware of.”

Salman has been dubbed a "fake person" who is only appearing to be polite. “He must have had a negative encounter somewhere,” Salman said. Biwi ne do remark acche maare mujpar, bacchi must adore me, saying picture dekhni hai (Wife must have complemented me, or his child would have demanded to see my film).”

Celebrities are frequently questioned about their silence on India's current condition of things in this day and age. “It depends on the intention,” Salman remarked when asked about this. Every issue has two sides, one for and one against it. If you speak out against someone, the other side will come after you, and vice versa. It's preferable to go away from it all.

Unless it's a highly essential, completely wrong, and life-or-death situation, then it's your moral duty to speak up. It's fine to remain silent until you're actively involved in the political situation and are aware of what's going on. “Bhi comments hote hain, no remarks par.”When asked which of Katrina Kaif and Disha Patani he would appoint as a social media adviser, he chose Katrina because "she is the most sensible on social media."


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