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New features Downvote button, Voice Transformer for Spaces

Thursday, 22nd July 2021

Twitter is developing new features to give users a better experience. The company has confirmed that it is testing new pros and cons of tweets. It also adds a new "voice changer" feature, which basically allows users to use a variety of voice effects to change their voice in real-time when hosting a live broadcast slot.


In a tweet posted by Twitter Support, the company confirmed that this feature is currently only visible to iOS users. Therefore, Android users may need to wait a bit before trying it out.


The Voice Transformer feature was discovered by renowned applications researcher Jane Manchun Wong. He said this option will allow you to change "the tone of voice or add echo to your audio." Before connecting, you can try different sounds and hear what your own voice sounds like.


Developer Steve Moser also discovered the same feature and even revealed the list of voice effects to be provided on Twitter Spaces. These include bees, cartoons, helium, stealth, karaoke, microphones, telephones, spaces, stadiums, and stages. It is unclear when this feature will be available to the public.


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Twitter has confirmed that it is developing a new Upvote or Downvote reply button as part of an effort to "understand the types of replies in a conversation that seems to be relevant to you so that we can work hard to show more replies."


The company also revealed that the negative vote will not be made public. Cody Elam, a Twitter user researcher, said in a tweet: “This gives people the ability to express their opinions on the quality of responses privately without embarrassing others publicly, while also providing us with more detailed feedback."


But, as I like in the tweet, everyone can see the yes votes. "You will not receive a notification that someone has rejected your answer. As part of this test, voting on the answer will be considered the same; you will be notified and the response will be displayed on the "Like" tab," the company said. This feature is currently in development and is only available to some iOS users.


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