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How a Fruit Vendor's Son Built a Rs 300 Crore Empire with Naturals Ice Cream

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Thursday, 22nd July 2021

In 1984, Pav Bhaji and fruitflavoud ice cream were constantly present in 1984, but always existed in Bombay (current, Mumbai), but Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath was Au Courtontant, Indian dessert ondssion. He worked at the South Indian restaurant of his brothers, but he was working with enough length to know what I like to finish eating with a sweet note. Hot and spicy dishes worked after working, and he has registered 5,00,000 rupees' income from his small shop of 200 years in the Koliwada de Juhu area.

A year later, he stops selling Pav Bhaji and becomes a complete brand of ice cream. A modest restaurant with six tables provided five flavors (apple custard), Casuodrak (Kaswa), Mango, Chocolate and Strawberry 5 flavors. Early sending up to 2021, the one-frozen lounge has grown at 135 points of sale in several cities and accounts for an average of 20 at a given time.

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This recorded RS 300 retail sales Track 2020 in prosecutor and was appointed as the 10 main brands of India for customer experience in KPMG surveys. You do not have to wait for the "Great Idea". It is important to build a small idea to create the greatest victory, "says Kamath Best India. The last 37 years, Kamath uses small ideas to build his empire? When ice cream is rare, only valuable possessions and rich families have accessed them, Kamath sells Pav Bhaji in ice cream.

This pioneering brand also taken from color, flavor and artificial preservatives used by competitors. Kamath uses the traditional trick of his mother, whether she is learning to protect the environment from her to make natural illness naturally and choose quality fruits like her father or she received customer comments .

Today, Him's wife, Annapurna, Son, Siddhant, Srinivas also named a management committee. Your 125-member staff approaches 20 tons of ice cream every day. Your 125-member staff approaches 20 tons of ice cream every day. by Puttur Taluka, Mangalore, Camaru, beds were some young brothers. His mother was a house maker, his father was a fruit seller. The eight families also cultivated some fruits to their poor earth, but their monthly income were as low as Rupia 100. The prospects of education seemed substantially. 1 to 5 class students were taught together and their test has failed, despite the failure.

But it was a lesson out of the classroom that most kamath loves. She often attaches her father to her father and sells fruits in the market. During this time, Kamath learned how to find quality and fruits aged. This experience is suitable for Kamath, fight against type 2. Diabetes when his family moved to Mumbai, the beds were 14. Beds joined a new school, but after cleaning the committee, he was asked to join His elderly son was running at the South Indian restaurant and sold a homemade ice cream. She wanted to overcome the taste of chocolate and vanilla to make the pulp of real fruit and ice cream, but she did not enjoy the idea of him.

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