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Anand Mahindra shared old photos from his school days, which made netizens ecstatic

School day Photos of Anand Mahindra.

Friday, 23rd July 2021

Business mogul Anand Mahindra is known for keeping his Twitter dynamic interesting, often sharing interesting information about developments around the world. However, on Thursday night, he made fans happy and shared a retro photo of himself at school.


It all started when the 66-year-old businessman accidentally saw a video of his childhood classmate singing. Looking back at his school days in Ooty, he recalled how two boys from a British family settled in India. He identified the couple as Nicholas Horsburgh and his brother Michael, and added that they have local nicknames: "Nagu & Muthu".


"I don't know how Nick became a local until recently there was a video of him singing Malayalam songs on social media! "Mahindra wrote, and Horsberg shared with the perfect wording. The effortlessly signed video expresses your pleasure. By playing the song "Pathinaalam raavudichathu" from the 1973 film "Maram", he not only impressed Mahindra but also impressed fans of the platform.


But soon, when he shared an old photo of himself playing in the school band, the focus shifted from his friend singing. Mahindra brought back an old photo from his school album, introducing another side of him that his fans did not know: his musical talent!


Exuded some great band vibes and saw young Mahindra playing guitar while his friend in the video above was on the microphone. "It's Nick on the microphone. Always a singer," he wrote. "The jerk on his left is really yours," he joked.


"Despite being a junior, they let me join their band: 'The Blackjacks'. Maybe Nick will remind me what song we're playing," wrote a nostalgic Mahindra.


Soon, this photo attracted the attention of many people on the Internet. They not only commented on the style and styling of Mahindra, especially the Beatle boots, which at the time they called "precious property". Many people now expect me to play the instrument again.


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