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Work from Wedding : The video of the groom using the laptop in the mandap goes viral

Work from wedding. Watch the viral video

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

In 2020, the global pandemic made the term "working from home" popular. While this situation ensures that we have more time to spend with our family at home, many people complain that their work-life balance is disrupted.

Now a funny video of the groom working on a laptop on the wedding day goes viral on social media.

Watch the video here:


In a clip shared on a popular wedding-related Instagram page, the groom is seen sitting in a mandap with the device on his lap. When he was working on the laptop, the guests and Bandit could be seen waiting for him to start the ceremony. But it was his girlfriend's reaction that made netizens laugh.

Sitting on the sofa opposite the wedding hall, I saw the Maharashtra bride laughing loudly as the camera rotated. Finally, the camera turned to the bridegroom again, who had already handed over his equipment to others and was preparing to get married.

"No work at home...this is work from wedding," read the text of Reel's video.

Although many people disagree and want to know how important is what to do on their wedding day, others criticize the toxic culture of the office. However, as the video went viral on the Internet, some people who attended the wedding clarified that the groom did not have a job. "You are simply setting up a video call so other people can attend the virtual wedding," wrote one user.

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