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The most spectacular beaches in Mangalore

A place where all the beach lovers should visit.

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

When it comes to coastal destinations and beautiful beaches, Mangalore can be one of the most unknown cities. The destination is incredible beaches lined with coconut trees. Mangalore's beaches are a unique paradise for tourists. Let's explore some of the most beautiful beaches in Mangalore:


Tannirbhavi Beach

This is a surreal land! To get to this beach, you must take a ferry from the Gurupur River. The beach is famous for its vast coastline and its sunset views. Here you can enjoy surfing and swimming in cool, calm waters.


Surathkal Beach

This beach is located in the Surathkal area of ??Mangalore and is famous for its magnificent sunset and sunrise views. The beauty of this beach never fails to impress people. It is also famous for its sparkling white sand beaches dotted with beautiful shells and crystal clear waters.


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Panambur Beach

Panambbur is one of the cleanest beaches in the city, attracting tourists from all regions. The golden sands and clear waters are the highlights of the beach. The waves here are very suitable for surfers. In addition, the beach is a paradise for gourmets, with many food stalls serving exotic seafood dishes.


Kodical Beach

This beach is located in New Mangalore, one of the most magnificent beaches in Mangalore, and the setting is breathtaking. This place is a famous picnic spot, and people go here to enjoy a day with family and friends.


Chitrapura Beach

With the most beautiful beaches, this Mangalore beach will impress you with its intrepid natural beauty. The beach is an ideal refuge for solo seekers and alternative travelers because there are very few people in this place.


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