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Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Delhi’s religious and historic importance is known to all. Heritage buildings, markets, museums, and government structures dot the country's capital. But do you also know that Delhi is also home to a number of lakes. There are many fascinating lakesides in and around Delhi and these spots could indeed offer you a refreshing break. Read on to learn more:


Tilyar Lake

This lake is situated along the Delhi-Fazhika Highway. It is in the midst of a forest. The lakeside makes an amazing picnic spot. Boating, kayaking are some of the activities you can indulge in at Tilyar Lake. There are many luxurious accommodations at the bank of the lake. So, you can easily put up amid a serene ambiance.


Surajkund Lake

This lake had been a water tank once upon a time. It is located about 8kms away from Southern Delhi. Its unique shape has given the lake a different name; i.e. Peacock Lake. At this spot, the famed Surajkund Mela is held and the fair attracts visitors from far and wide.


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Karna Lake

This lake is just 2 hrs journey from Delhi. The ambiance is peaceful and the lake makes an ideal picnic spot. Boating, cycling and simply strolling around the lake amid greenery are some of the activities you can undertake at Karna Lake.


Sultanpur Lake

This lake is in the Mirzapur locality about 15kms from Gurgaon. The spot has a famed birds’ sanctuary founded in 1972. The lake has a total area of about 1.43 sq km and houses about 250 bird species. In the winter months, the lake becomes an attractive den of myriad migratory birds.


Bangla Sahib Sarovar

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara campus at Delhi’s Connaught Place houses a pristine lake. The waters of this lake are said to be containing Amrit or the nectar of immortality. This is a sacred lake in Delhi.


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