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Niti Aayog Health Expert Cautions Government Against Lowering Their Guard Against Covid-19

Warning for government comes from Niti Aayog…get the details…

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

Dr V K Paul, a member of Niti Aayog has cautioned the Delhi government to stay vigilant of the deadly coronavirus and not to let their guards down just yet as the next three months are crucial.

Dr Paul said that unlocking activities too soon can lead to a surge in Covid-19 cases. At a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on July 9, he also suggested that the city government consult the Centre before they impose any travel restrictions in the national capital.

As per the minutes of the meeting made public on July 20, the Niti Aayog member of health said, “unlock activity could lead to an increase in cases, though at present the positivity rate of cases is at its lowest point”, and added, “the next three months are important; we need to be watchful.”

Chief Secretary Vijay Dev pointed to the presence of the Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus, which is a variant of concern, has been detected in 12 states. He also mentioned that there is a high positivity rate in the north-eastern states of the country.

Dr Paul proposed that the “advice of the Government of India should be taken before imposing any restrictions on the movement of inter-state travel with Delhi being the capital of the country.”

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, who chaired the DDMA meeting, the body that conceives Covid-19 management policies in New Delhi, suggested that instead of asking for negative RTPCR test reports, travelers should be asked to provide vaccination certificates, as this will also promote vaccination.

Dr Yudhyavir Singh, who has been taking care of the Covid-19 ICU at AIIMS New Delhi, said it is critical that a few curbs are eased when the number of cases are low, However, he urged that it is not advisable to lower one’s guard and one should ensure the practice of Covid-19 appropriate behavior.

Dr Singh also said that it might be possible that Delhi has already achieved herd immunity, if you were to take into account the huge number of cases seen during the second wave.

Dr Pooja Khosla, senior consultant (Department of Medicine), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, however refuted and said that the he second wave of the coronavirus has taught us that cases can rise suddenly.

Delhi has received a battering in the second wave of the pandemic which claimed a large number of lives.

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